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Thank you so much for introducing Profiles to me. I have been using Profiles for three years now, and am spoiled by the results. I will never hire another employee without assessing them first. I'll admit, when I first started using assessments, I was a little skeptical. "How could such a simple test tell you so much about a person?" I wondered. So, in the beginning, I did not give it as much weight in my hiring process. But over time, I noticed that those who scored higher, did actually have more of the traits that I was looking for - reliability, integrity, and work ethic. Now I use the assessment as my first screening tool. Anyone that scores too low is automatically ruled out. Another reason why I love the assessment is the way that some potential employees rule themselves out by simply not taking the test at all. These candidates show that they are not willing to abide by my standards from the onset of the application process. Or, if someone takes too long before they take the test, then that tells me that the person may not be serious about needing a job.
Again, thank you for introducing the assessments to me. they are an easy tool to use, and self-registration makes the testing process quick and effective.
Vivian Tran -- Serenity Nail Salon & Skin Care

Thank you for making GCISD's Paraprofessional Staff Development Day a success. Paraprofessionals have a wide array of responsibilities that require a presenter with exquisite skills to meet their diverse needs. Thank you for ensuring that the content of your session was relevant. Please know that your hard work in meeting the needs of GCISD's paraprofessionals is noted and valued.
Your contribution in staff development has been an invaluable component in enriching the professional lives of our paraprofessionals. Thank you once again for sharing your time and expertise.
Sandy Snow Grapevine Colleyville ISD

We hired Paulette Wagner to speak at the Alington Chamber of Commerce for our business group. Paulette delivered a clever and creative talk that all our membership found engaging. She delivers a skillful and magnetic message that is uplifting and joy filled. Her rare talent is to be informative as well as imaginative. Her originallity is to be commended. I would highly recommend Paulette to any organization that is looking for a dynamite speaker, who has a smile filled delivery with a good dose of humor
Chris Libbey Arlington Chamber of Commerce

On behalf of the City of Fort Worth, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the success of the 2002 Support Staff Appreciation Conference... The participants provided rave reviews in comments on the evaluations and in conversations with other participants. You did an excelent job and added a magical touch to our conference.
City of Fort Worth

It was our pleasure to have you increase the "morale" of the Fort Worth General Office. I feel that our agents and management team received a boost from your speaking.
New York Life

Paulette, you sure raised the level of awareness about job morale yesterday at Rotary. We enjoyed your pep and energy and the message you gave.
It is always exciting to learn that others share in being led to the walk of life planned for them. But to me, the most exciting part was that you had the courage to walk the walk and take a chance. What a story.
Best wishes to you in life Ms. Morale Fairy.
Charha Logan-Gray Rotary

On behalf of the Fort Worth Chamber, I want to thank you for delivering a terrific motivational kick-off opener at the Job Links program... Your creative material and handouts inspired and cheered us all to go out and spread positive moral to others, thus lifting our own moral.
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

I want to convey my deep appreciation for your time and effort in making our off-site workshop a success.
You are one dynamic speaker. Your presentation was most informative and interesting. The workshop participants made many favorable comments.
Texas Rehabilitation Commission

Thanks for the terrific job you did at our Annual Site Managers' Brunch... "The Morale Fairy" did just what we expected. She lifted our spirits, made us feel appreciated, and gave the Site Managers ideas and action examples to take back and share with their employees.
Clayton Child Care Services


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